Orthopaedic physiotherapy is a sub-branch of musculoskeletal physiotherapy related to the inpatient or outpatient preparation for, or rehabilitation from, orthopaedic surgery or related orthopaedic hospital admission. Some examples are;

  • joint replacement

  • spinal discectomy and decompression<

  • ligament, tendon or cartilage repair

  • internal fixation of bone fractures

  • setting of broken bones within fibreglass casts

It also relates to the management of acute or chronic orthopaedic conditions in an outpatient or clinic setting.

At Bring Your Body To Life, our physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in using research and evidence based treatment regimes to address post-operative pain, swelling and movement and muscle activation deficits to optimise your recovery. We will work closely with your surgeon and GP in a coordinated manner to ensure a smooth as possible return to normal function, work and play.